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ABOUT Idhayam

IDHAYAM is the fastest-growing cooking oil brand in India. A pioneer of producing healthy cooking oils for over 8 decades, our super healthy, natural, and pure IDHAYAM Sesame Oil and IDHAYAM MANTRA Groundnut Oil are loved by millions for evoking incredible taste in their food.


IDHAYAM is synonymous to "healthy cooking" 
in households in India and worldwide, keeping you healthy, happy, and enriched.

Try once, stay forever.

Improve Your Health,

Improve Your Life

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Rich in nutrients, IDHAYAM Sesame Oil is pure as nature. We take special care to maintain the natural flavour and quality of the sesame oil while extracting it from sesame seeds. As a result, IDHAYAM Sesame oil helps bring out pronounced flavours in your cooking. Essential fatty acids in our sesame oil keep your food healthy & tasty. IDHAYAM is well-suited for any type of cooking, and can be used for “oil pulling” or oil massages for more wholesome health.

Sesame Oil


Available variants: 5 L, 2 L, 1 L, 500 mL, 200 mL, 100 mL


Peanut Oil


The healthiest oil with the natural flavour of groundnuts are best for deep frying. IDHAYAM MANTRA Groundnut oil keeps you safe and healthy. As it does not reach the highest smoking point, IDHAYAM MANTRA keeps your food carcinogen-free. Also known as peanut oil, it can be used to make pooris, vadas, bajjis, bondas, parottas, and so much more.


Available variants: 5 L, 2 L, 1 L, 500 mL

Join hands with IDHAYAM

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Bringing you world-class recipes, cooking tips, and healthy life hacks, the official IDHAYAM channel helps enrich your food and paves your way to a wholesome life.


Featuring our nutrient-rich pure and natural oils, we bring you classic and modern recipes that satiate every single palate. From authentic biryanis to classic paneer butter masala and super inventive banana flower snacks, our easy-to-follow video recipes help take your cooking to the next level.


Whether you are an experienced cook looking to experiment with new flavours, or a beginner who is just stepping into the world of cooking, this channel is your one-stop guide!


Mr. V. V. Vanniaperumal had an exemplary track record in the business world of Tamil Nadu, South India since 1943. He had three illustrious sons who built the business empire in edible sesame oil as a traditional family business. 


Mr. V. V. V. Rajendran, son of Mr. V. V. Vanniaperumal, founded Idhayam in the year 1986. With more than 43 years of experience, he was the pioneer who launched sesame oil to consumers, under the brand name “Idhayam Sesame Oil”. The name “Idhayam” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Hriday”, which means “heart”. True to the word of origin, Idhayam sesame oil is a natural cooking medium which helps in the wellness of the heart. Today, just the word “Idhayam”, has become synonymous to Sesame Oil. 


After the demise of the Founder Mr. V.V.V. Rajendran in 1994, the business onus shined upon V. R. Muthu and his illustrious brothers Sathyam and Thendral. They collectively hold the reins of Idhayam, honouring the same principles of work as Mr. V.V.V. Rajendran’s. They have since expanded Idhayam to a wide range of products: Idhayam, Mantra, Sambandhi, Wealth, Tahini, Dots, Hardil, and Vanga. 



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